Yael working on her potter's wheel I was born in a kibbutz in Israel. Graduated from the philosophy department in Tel Aviv University. In 1980 I studied in the art department of the Haifa University. I exhibit my work in Israel and abroad. My work is hand build in stoneware and wheel thrown in porcelain.

Since starting to work with clay I have been creating vessels with simple sgraffito decoration. Most of my thrown vessels are still decorated with sgraffito in a more vigorous way.

In some of my works I use dry cactus leaves or oak bark. Vessels that are born as pots but gradually as they grow lose their shape, twist and swivel and become more like the landscape they have risen from.

Address: 22 Freud st. Haifa, Israel

Phone: 972-4-8247276

E-mail: yroll@netvision.net.il