The world is full of images and stimuli, and we are all affected by them in one way or another. The artistic expression tries to bridge the gap between the real world in which the stimuli, images, experiences etc. are absorbed, and the abstract world through the subjective eyes of the artist.

A childhood memory of a field of grain stalks being harvested and gathered into sheafs.
Prickly-pear hedgerows in an abandoned field.

Desert hikes, wilderness scenery.

Climbing up mountains and cliffs, mesmerizing spring blossom.

Observing and contemplating on antique and modern Jewish ritual artifacts.
Studying the history of the archaic Hebrew script.

Learning and gaining a deeper understanding of the worlds environmental problems at large and in particular our country's ecological predicaments.
A verse from a poem, a quote from a book.
And music that I can't live without.

All these and more are but a few of the essential and rooted inspirations that are heard within me when I speak in clay.