Fellow artists:

Hilda Merom Ceramic artist that lives in the Upper Galilee, Israel. Hilda's work is a result of the interaction between clay and color, the never-ending search for a connection with the earth.
Irit Lepkin Ceramic artist that lives in Toronto, Canada. Irit is a clay sculpturer with deep expressive themes.
Jane Jermyn Ceramic artist that lives in Lismore, Ireland. Jane is inspired by the natural world - and geological formations, strata and textures.
Marcelle Klein Ceramic artist that lives in Kochav Yair, Israel. Marcelle's works begin as vessels, as works that wrap space in clay. The thin layer of clay contains the interior space and at the same time defines the outside.
Michal Alon Ceramic artist that lives in Hadar Am, Israel. Michal's work is inspired by the local landscape and rugged rock formations, marked by rain, sun and wind. Archeological influences combined with traditional shapes and forms are incorporated into functional and sculptural body of work, which is mainly wheel thrown.
Rachel Tzamir Ceramic artist that lives in Haifa, Israel. Rachel's work characterized by architectural structures, political criticism and Humor, she incorporates multimedia into her work.
Renata Podlog Ceramic artist that lives in Toronto, Canada. Renata is amazing! (don't believe me? check her site...)
Shellie Jacobson Ceramic artist that lives in Princeton, N.J. USA. Shellie Jacobson hand builds intimate scaled sculptural vessels, focusing mainly on cylinders and bowls. These vessels, built with slabs, have richly textured surfaces which are enhanced with various combinations of glazes, stains, and terra sigilatta. They are low fired in an oxidation atmosphere and occasionally sawdust fired.

Ceramic organizations:

Ceramic artists association of Israel The Ceramics Artists Association of Israel (CAAI) is a non-profit organization managed by ceramics artists and dedicated to the advancement of the ceramic art.


Ben-Uri Gallery The London Jewish Museum of Art is Europe's only dedicated Jewish Museum of Art working in partnership with both secular and Jewish Museums in the UK and internationally.
Corman Arts Corman Arts provides a comprehensive professional service for both corporate and private buyers. We take care of everything from selection through to framing and installation of artwork.
Shlush Shloshim is a leading contemporary ceramics retail gallery established in the midst of the historical and picturesque neighborhood of Neve Tzedek.
International Cultural Union the International Cultural Union is an international non-profit organization funded for the purpose of developing cultural contacts between international artists
The Umm El-Fahim Art Gallery The gallery is on its way to becoming the first Arab museum of modern art. This museum will be an inviting place, capable of embracing and enriching, bridging gaps and connecting different cultures, all this in the heart of a troubled, war weary, region.
Ein Hod Artists' Gallery The gallery is situated in the center of the artists' village of Ein Hod. It exhibits the work of 95 member artists and craftsmen.