Various pictures of my works


Stoneware pot After spending some time in Canada where I only worked with stoneware I decided to switch to this material. At this stage glazes were an important part of my development, but after a short while I returned to working with the bare clay combined with textures and colorants. Nowadays I find myself creating mainly hand-built vessels, even while producing functional pieces. However, soon enough I turned to building larger and larger vessels, the shapes became less confined and the pieces were no longer pots but sculptures (have a look at "Habitat" - my solo exhibit from 2003).
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Porcelain bowls For many years I have been dreaming of working in porcelain before I dared touching this demanding material. The initial dream was to create a constellation made of small pieces that contsract a whole structure (see my memorial candles and acid rain works). However, in order to understand the material better I set my aim at handling porcelain on the potter's wheel. These experiments led me back to working with sgraffito and engravings, where some of the porcelain remains bare. I discovered that these pots have different qualities from those I was accustomed to, with particular respect to the whiteness of the clay that absorbs every color like a sheet of paper. Later on, I turned to making the cast goblets where the form by itself caught my eye. Working with porcelain fascinates me and yet requires careful thought regarding its limitations.
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Works from previous years

black & red clay Chanukah Menorah When I first started my way as a ceramic artist I found earthenware the most comfortable material to work with. As time passed I discovered its beauty and enjoyed working with it. In many cases I left the clay bare. The first piece that went under my hands on the potter's wheel I started decorating with sgraffito. Ever since, along many stages of my work, I apply this technique, especially in functional pieces.
My interest in Judaica found its expression already at that period creating Chanukah Menorahs, Passover plates, Havdala burners, candle sticks etc.
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